PM Eleganza Milanese - The story

Massimo Pirrone, pure Italian in heart and soul. And that expresses itself in his refined taste and feeling for style and elegance. An eye for detail, a passion for fabrics and finishes, dressing up, sense for colors and combinations, … This is what runs in his vains and what Italian culture is all about

“Every day is an opportunity to dress well in y own style. This is who I am. I don’t follow fashion but a certain style that comes from within. A style with a modern identity that is not linked to fashion”

A passion that resulted in the plan to share his sophisticated look and qualitative bespoke outfits with other stylish men in Belgium and elswhere. It was only logical that a few years ago he decided to start his own Sartoria (a traditional Italian artisan tailoring): PM Eleganza Milanese.

Since then it grew not only to a beautiful boutique in Antwerp South, but he has also acquired his own artisan atelier in Italy, because a real ‘Made in Italy’ label is very important for his credo, because craftmanship is what it’s all about.

It would be better to call it ‘Fatto a Mano in Italia’, because in this atelier the ‘Master Tailors’ are working fond and passionate on elegant suits, jackets, trousers and shirts. Their traditional craftmanship was awarded with the prestigious Forbici d’Oro (the Golden Scissors). Only the best in their trade are awarded with these. And this fits perfectly into the constant pursuit of sartorial perfection by PM Eleganza Milanese.

From this passion, respect for, and recognition of Italian sartorial craftsmanship, Massimo wants to get in touch with the customer so as to put together the perfect outfit.

The final result is an outfit that fits the person and his personality. Once you experience that perfect fit, you’ll never want to let go of.

PM Eleganza Milanese: the personal approach, the professional advise and knowledge, the one address for all your personal ‘Made in Italy’ bespoke tailoring.

Bespoke Tailoring

Bespoke means that a custom-made pattern is made in a traditional way.


As we dress the contemporary elegant gentleman from head to toe, a pair of beautiful decent shoes is not to be missed.


The shirt, first layer on the body. That’s why a good shirt is important.


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