Tailor-made suits

When it comes to menswear, Elegance and style are converted into tailor-made suits of the brand PM Eleganza Milanese.

Not any old suits, but of impeccable quality, made in Italy with the best Italian fabrics that have to meet the highest quality norm.

This means that the tailor-made suits have a perfect fit and fit in with the perception and personal style of the wearer.

This is why Massimo Pirrone always has a personal talk with the customer before measuring him for the suit.

Bespoke Tailoring

PM Eleganza Milanese suits are always stylish and timeless with regard to model and fit.

The highest quality, the details and the careful choice of fabric make the difference at PM Eleganza Milanese.

Even the fabric he uses is a statement. All you need is someone who recognises this and can turn it into an immaculate, tailor-made suit that says something about the wearer's personality.

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Made to measure