Bespoke Tailoring?

Bespoke means that a custom-made pattern is made in a traditional way. So it is not based on an existing basic pattern, but all in a traditional way using old craftmanship. One uses the body of the client as a starting point. The body is measured meticulously, and these data then form the basis on which your personal pattern is manually cut and adapted to your body measurements.

The big difference to be noted here is the traditional craftsmanship, which is rather quite rare in these modern times of fast consumption. After all, everyone has a different body, there are no standard sizes in real life. And if the suit is built around your body, then you only have something really personal.

Let's take a closer look at the facts: For a handmade 'customized' suit, your body will be fully measured, and on the basis of these unique personal data, the patterns will be made in the studio by experienced pattern makers. The cutter, one of the specialized master tailors, then cut the fabrics, with a margin to make the necessary adjustments after the first and second fitting. The basic construction of the suit can now begin.

Two intermediate passes are entered in order to see if the initial measured patterns still match the actual build of the body. This to ensure a perfect fit. Only the best natural materials are used for this purpose. Inside, full canvas and horse hair are used for the sturdiness and structure of the jacket. . Since it's all manual craftmanship, and if you know that, for example in a jacket alone there are about +/- 200,000 stitches needed, it's more than normal that it takes about 54 hours of pure workmanship before your perfect 2-piece suit is ready.

But then you have a piece of something: A nice suit, made with the best materials, so it can actually last for almost a lifetime.

Major benefits of a customized suit include, among other things, less wear, because it’s built on your own body, there are fewer friction points. Lining of your choice, not only in color or fabric but also in finishing: Fully lined or half lined.

You choose not only the model but also the finishes of the beautiful handmade buttonholes, the material and the number of buttons, the stitching and the color. And evidently the fabrics can be chosen from our wide range in different price ranges.

All this makes your own customized PM Eleganza Milanese 'made in Italy' costume, suit or jacket unique.