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"Every day is an occasion to dress up well in my own style. It's who I am. I don't follow the trends but rather a specific style that comes from within.

A style with a modern idiosyncrasy unrelated to fashion." This is the motto of Massimo Pirrone, who knew what he wanted to wear from an early age.

As a teenager, he was the odd one out due to his urge for Milanese-Italian outfits and, as a young adult, he frequently went to the Pitti Uomo fair in Firenze to gain inspiration. And the few times he did buy prêt-à-porter clothing; it was immediately taken to the seamstress and adapted to his own style.

In other words: Massimo Pirrone lives by the grace of style. And he converts this in his suits with his own brand name: PM Eleganza Milanese.

kostuum PM Eleganza Milanese
Lo stile è l'abito dei pensieri. E un pensiero ben vestito, come un uomo ben vestito, si presenta molto meglio
Massimo Pirrone
About us PM Eleganza Milanese